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Hair care routine

Winter sends our hair crazy, from dry ends to frizz. So with salons closed we thought it would be helpful to put together a little guide to help you, help your hair.

Washing your hair

Establishing a good hair routine is essential for manageable healthy hair.

For us quality shampoo and conditioner is key. We always recommend sulphate and paraben free products. This is to make sure your hair is perfectly hydrated and your hair is always colour protected.

Try to only wash your hair 2-3 times a week as over washing removes your hairs natural oils.

Here’s are recommendations

  • ASP Kitoko Range

  • MODE Colour Care.

Weekly Treatments

A weekly treatment is advantageous.

Take an extra 10 minutes a week to treat your hair, and treat yourself.

Here's are recommendations

  • ASP Vitaplex No.3 (only if you’ve had the vitaplex treatment)

  • MODE colour masque

  • Anti yellow/anti orange deep treatment masque.

  • Kitoko Active Restructurant (leave in treatment)

Styling Products

So you’ve got your shampoo, conditioner organised and a weekly treatment in place.

Now the perfect styling products.

We like a simple hair care routine that hydrates and improves hair health.


1. ASP Kitoko Oil

2. ASP MODE Miracle Mist

We hope you find these tips helpful to keep your hair feeling great

Donna’s Hair Design x

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